Factsheets and quick guides for employers

Pacific Labour Scheme prospective employer questionnaire
Pacific Labour Scheme labour market testing and recruitment plan
How the Pacific Labour Scheme differs from the Seasonal Worker Programme
Fair Work Ombudsman message to Pacific Labour Scheme employers
Fair Work Ombudsman message to Pacific Labour Scheme small business employers
How to become an Approved Employer with the Pacific Labour Scheme
Step 1
Complete the prospective employer questionnaire
Find out if you're eligible to become an approved employer with the Pacific Labour Scheme.
Step 2
Submit your formal application
This will give us the information we need to start the required background and financial checks.
Step 3
Provide supporting documentation
You'll also need to submit documents detailing the last 3 years of your business’ financial statements.
Step 4
Receive approved employer status
After your application is submitted, we conduct background checks and then make a recommendation to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
Step 5
Begin labour market testing and recruitment
You are now ready to recruit your workers! But first, you'll need to conduct local labour market testing to make sure local workers are given priority.
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